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Have you lost yourself because of a spouse or partner's alcohol addiction?

Have you grown tired of keeping the secret and trying to do everything alone?

Have you had enough of pleading with them to stop or get help?

Have you tried everything to change them?

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You CAN reclaim your peace of mind.

You CAN create the life you were meant to live.

You CAN forge a new path to freedom and satisfaction.

You just have to remember you can only change you!

Let my coaching show you how...

Meet Coach Katie

It was late fall 2006 when my husband, the father of our three beautiful children, got his first DUI.  It was a huge wake-up call for me as I realized I'd been trying to do everything alone.  I'd been talking, begging, pleading with him to stop drinking and get some help.  Our relationship had spiraled over the years because he kept promising to stop, but nothing ever changed until that least for me.  I suddenly realized I couldn't change him.  The only way anything would change was if I changed myself.  I reached out for help and slowly but surely began to transform myself.  As your self-transformational coach, I will empower you do the same!

I will truly listen and guide you to find the answers you already have inside yourself. Together, we will organize those answers into attainable goals and action. Lastly, I will provide the necessary accountability to achieve those goals.

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Take the First Step to Change You...

You will receive a free 30 minute discovery consult to make sure you are ready to begin your transformation.

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Monthly - $299

We meet weekly for four 45 minute sessions.  


Three Month Plan - $599

We meet weekly for twelve 45 minute sessions.


Six Month Plan - $899

We meet weekly for twenty-four 45 minute sessions.


Coach Katie is an amazing coach. Her professionalism, knowledge and commitment to her clients is one of a kind. She helps you to stay on track and keeps you accountable.  She knows just how and when to encourage you and when to push her clients to do their best. Highly recommend to take classes with coach Katie.

~Anna P. 

When thinking about what the perfect coach would look like I envisioned someone who would challenge me, someone who would not let me give up easily and be sure to push me past my comfort level. But, at the same time I envisioned someone I could also trust and get advice from. Coach Katie was that person for me and I have seen more change in myself in the past year while working with her.

~Stacy P. 

Katie is a wonderfully supportive person. She is always helpful and encouraging. She is really good at reading people and seems to know when to dig deeper to see what's going on or when to just be quietly there to let you know you're not alone and that she's there to listen if you want to talk. It is refreshing to have someone there for you to push you to help you be your best self. I'm so lucky to have crossed paths with Katie.

~Christine M.

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